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Queen Mary University - mile end, london 

This was a very exciting and interesting project to produce a new concept for the university’s teaching rooms. As part of the briefing process we travelled the country reviewing some of the latest innovations and technology, before surveying all of the teaching rooms within the university, out of hours!


This enabled us to produce a full schematic design proposal which we then, following initial sign off, used to create a fully functioning look and feel area within the building entrance foyer. This allowed students and lecturers the chance to understand the concept, technology, materials and furniture before final sign off and roll out.

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Evolve were nominated to create a new concept for the university's teaching rooms; benefiting from a lengthy self education process that involved university visits across the UK, evolve provided a turn key design and procurement process which included the creation of a sample 'teaching room' in the university entrance area where students and lecturers could experience the environment, furniture and look at feel. - Queen Mary University

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