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Using a very simple brief, and VectorWorks evolve produced schematic and a full design intent package of drawings. A strict design branding strategy was followed by our experienced design technician thus ensuring a quick and effective project delivery, delivered to deadline


Using the survey information captured from their scanner, evolve then produced a fully detailed and comprehensive package of construction drawings, quickly and effectively. These were then used for procurement and manufacture. This service included overlaying and inserting all third party contractors and consultants; for example, sprinklers, HVAC, civil engineering etc. 

The Range

Evolve did a great job  surveying our proposed new warehouse and factory in only 8 hours on site, during this time scanning all the working areas, office space, external elevations; and then producing accurate REVIT files for us to use to plan our space.

Smith Brewer

Evolve were nominated to create a new concept for the university's teaching rooms; benefiting from a lengthy self education process that involved university visits across the UK, evolve provided a turn key design and procurement process which included the creation of a sample 'teaching room' in the university entrance area where students and lecturers could experience the environment, furniture and look at feel.

Mile End University

Our site was in a difficult area to access, evolve's scanning process removed any issues that a traditional survey would have encountered, capturing the complete building elevation up to 7 floor levels, we required a BIM L2 compliant REVIT model to produce our proposals for the building. Evolve provided this and also an on-going service using their point cloud held on file. we even received a full topographical survey of the site without requesting this within the scope!


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